Making the internet better for games

What we do

The internet of today is optimized to deliver static content, not interactive, real-time applications. Network Next is changing that. Here's how:

Better, Faster Game Performance

Why leave your player's route up to chance? Our technology finds the fastest, most consistent route for each player every 10 seconds.

Peace of Mind

Suppliers compete on performance and price to meet your game's requirements. When a better route is available, we automatically switch to it.

More Control

You specify the price and performance you want for each player. If we don’t improve a player’s performance, you don't pay a dime.

Not a VPN

Players don't have to install and pay for a VPN. Instead, we work directly with you, the developer, to provide a better multiplayer experience.

Getting Started is Painless

Our technology integrates with your game. Integration is simple, and you're up and running quickly.

Who we are

We're a group of game developers and network engineers who are driven to make the internet better.

We've created a unique technology that finds the best route for each player—every 10 seconds—on a neutral marketplace where suppliers compete to meet your requirements.

Join us. Together, we can make the internet better for games.

Our team

The team at Network Next possesses a unique combination of expertise in multiplayer game development and network infrastructure.

Get in touch

If you’re a game developer who needs the best multiplayer experience for your players, email us and we'll be in touch!